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CMaaS - New corporate mobility

Hennecke Fleet Consulting is part of CONNECTOR​.

As such, we offer CMaaS - an innovative product to handle corporate mobility in a digital and integrated way.

CMaaS-Logo Corporate mobility as a service

What is CMaaS?


CMaaS is an innvoative solution that enables companies to 

  • digitally manage fleet vehicles (dedicated cars plus pool cars),

  • add additional mobility solutions (car sharing, ride hailing, taxi, Uber, train, bus, tram, plane, bicycles, scooters) for their employees 

  • and integrate and automate all transactions.

All this independent from a specific mobility provider.

CMaaS is a solution that arose from the collaboration of 3 innovative companies out of the field of tech and consulting: OviDrive, Vaigo and Connector.


The solution includes 4 elements:

1) Digital Fleet Manager: Fleet operating system and connectivity, for dedicated company cars and poolcars

The digital fleet manager is a cutting edge fleet operating system to manage dedicated cars and pool cars. 

It is seamlessly connecting drivers, cars, suppliers and fleet managers - and automates processes.

Features include:

  • AI/ Machine learning e.g. in the repair approval and invoice control process

  • API to fleet suppliers, connecting cars via OBD2 or connectivity,

  • Driver apps to manage breakdowns or accidents, ordering process or fines management

  • Driver logbook (Fahrtenbuch) 

  • Online booking system for poolcars,


  • CMaaS increases efficiency of fleet management: One fleet manager can manage several thousands of cars.

  • CMaaS will also reduce fleet TCO: It will identify cost savings potentials, actively avoid unnecessary costs and highlight underutilized cars. 

2) Mobility Aggregator: Add new mobility solutions to your company

The mobility aggregator integrates other mobility providers.

Key characteristics are: 

  • All kind of suppliers are possible: Car sharing, ride hailing, bikes, scooters, taxi, planes, public transport,... 

  • CMaaS is independent from any specific supplier: Chose supplier A in city A, and supplier B in city B

  • Integration in the B2B-background: Employees use the B2C-application of the mobility providers, but for you all data is integrated into one system


  • CMaaS for HR: Additional attractive mobility offers for your employees.

  • CMaaS from a cost perspective: Reduce costs further by selecting the best mobility alternative, depending on the specific situation.

3) Transaction Manager: Automatically handle payroll, expenses, tax and car/mobility policy

The transaction manager automates all internal transactions related to fleet or mobility.

Key characteristics are: 

  • Incoming transactions are checked against a digital mobility policy, based on the information about the specific trip

  • Cost are booked automatically on cost centers or charged to drivers, benefit-in-kind taxiation is recorded

  • Summarizing all data shows TCM (total cost of mobility) and CO2


  • CMaaS from an operations perspective: No manual handling of thousands of micro transactions

  • CMaaS for reporting: For the first time get complete overview over mobility (fleet + mobility) regarding cost and CO2.

Technology and structure of CMaaS :

- Digital Fleet Manager

- Mobility Aggregator

- Transaction Manager

CMaaS technology and structure

4) Consulting: Blueprint and transition management 

Beyond the IT technology, CMaaS includes consulting services: Our consulting experts with background in fleet, HR, benefits, finance, technology, strategy and change management help you to implement CMaaS.


  • Blueprint: Co-design a tailor-made realistic vision and strategy for future fleet and mobility setup

  • Transition: Technology + change management + project management


  • Support in the most difficult part of the journey: The Doing!

More info

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