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Fleet Interim Management

Why Fleet Interim Management ?


Hennecke Fleet Consulting supports you with professional Fleet Interim Management services in Germany and internationally.

On this site you can read why and when Interim Management make sense for a company in general, and in which cases it is relevant for companies with fleets. 

Further you will find infromation about our services for you.


If you are not looking for interim but consulting services, then please look at Fleet management consulting on this website. 


What is Interim Management?​

Interim Management is defined as the "provision of effective business solutions by an independent ... manager or executive, over a finite timespan" (IIM).

Interim Managers are usually hired by companies for two reasons:

  • The need for a specific competence - e.g. digital transformation or implementation of a new technology - that is not available within the company but is only required for the duration of that project.

  • The need to fill a gap in human ressources of  the company - e.g. after the impromptu exit or during the sicknes of an important employee - until the gap is closed internally. 

In those cases, interim managers provide the additional specialized ressources or close the existing gap in the organisation for a limited period of time. Interim appointments typically last from 3 to 18 months.

The advantages of an interim manager are the flexibility and short-term availability of human ressources, his specialisation on the specific topic, in some cases his neutrality and finally also a better financial ROI.


Why Interim in Fleet Management?​

In fleet management the use of an Interim Manager makes sense for the same reasons as above:


Obviously an Interim Fleet Manager can help to fill a gap is the existing fleet manager or head of fleet management is not available to to sickness or termination of his contract.

Additional capacity and specific knowledge are required in specific tasks like the following:


  • Implementation of a new fleet management software​

  • Implementation of a new outsourced fleet management provider

  • Rollout of a new car policy

  • Executing a tender for leasing, OEMs, fuel, tires etc.

  • Clean-up of long neglected databases, contract data etc.

  • Managing other complex projects within fleet management

Those specific interim management tasks often result out of fleet management consulting projects, especially if they require a lot of change management - means: communicating over a longer time to all stakeholders.


As we point out here, consulting projects can only be successful if the paperwork is followed by an adequate change management. In this respect our interim management services can be closely related to our consulting ervices.

For best fleet interim management

OUR SERVICES: Fleet Interim Management


Hennecke Fleet Consulting supports you with interim managent regading all of your fleet management activities. We help to fill gaps in your fleet organisation as well help to solve specific challenges with additional experts.

We act as interim managers ourself, or can proivde you with other interim managers out of our network. We can provide interim management in Germany and in more countries internationally.


See here about our team and network in the Fleetcompentence group.

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