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Fleet Management Consulting

Our Services: Fleet Management Consulting


Hennecke Fleet Consulting supports you with comprehensive, professional and independent Fleet Management Consulting in Germany and internationally.

We offer comprehensive consulting, covering a broad scope of fleet management topics.

We deliver professional consulting, based on our own expertise and the wide-spread competences in our partnership-network.

We offer our services as independent consultants: One of our core values is to be independent from any supplier in the market.

Below you find information about our specific fleet management consulting services: We offer standardized products as well as individual projects

Standardized fleet management consulting products: 

We have 4 standardized consulting products. They follow a pre-defined approach and enable to quickly analyze your fleet, in order to identify risks and weaknesses in your fleet. They are a good basis for defining subsequent individual consulting projects. 


2 day workshop to initially analyze all areas of fleet management, on all levels (see here), following a structured  framework. Identifies risks and weaknesses in your fleet management.

TCO Fleet Scan: 


Identification of cost savings potentials (TCO - total cost of ownership) in your vehicle fleet, based on your delivered fleet cost and contract data. 

Car Policy Review:

10-point check of your car policy, including points like eligibility, vehicle selection, car list, ordering, processes, CO2-aspects, et al.

Supplier market overview:


Overview what solutions and suppliers for a specific fleet management functionality are available on the market.

We offer those standardized products for a fixed cost, after having discussed your specific situation and goals with you. 


Contact us directly to receive an offer for our standardized consulting products.

Individual fleet management consulting: 

In addition we offer individual consulting to provide tailormade solutions which fit your specific needs. We cover a broad scope of potential fleet management topics. Below you see some examples of potential individual consulting projects:

Cost savings projects: 

Define strategy to reduce costs (TCO - total cost of ownership): Define areas and activities, e.g. strategic, supplier or process related. Implement changes. Measure savings. More info here.

Car Policy overhaul: 

Define new car policy, based on cost and other goals (e.g. CO2). Implement new processes and tools, eventually change suppliers. Roll out policy including change management. 

Process optimization:

Analyze individual processes (e.g. ordering, maintenance, disposal) regarding efficiency, quality and cost. Define and implement activities to improve, including change management and KPI-measurement. More info here.

Supplier selection + tenders:

Suppliers (leasing, fuel, fleet management, software, telematics,...): Market overview, definition of requirements and tender management. Eventually implement new suppliers. More info here

FM Outsourcing/ insourcing:

Define strategy which fleet management activities to be outsourced or insourced, based on cost and other goals (quality, disruption). Select suppliers. Implement new processes and tools, including change management.

Fleet management software: 

For inhouse fleet management activities: Analyze current software and processes. Define goals and functional requirements. Select suppliers. Implement new software.  More info here.

Lease vs. Buy:

Financial calculation to decide between leasing or purchasing of vehicles: Comparing lease rates, purchase costs, depreciation, residual value, internal interest rate, cost of labour etc. See more here.

Health & safety compliance:

Identify risks regarding health & safety of vehicles, drivers and goods. Install tools and processes to be compliant. E.g. vehicle checks, driver license checks, driver trainings (UVV, dangerous goods), etc.   

Pool car management:

Analyze the potential for using poolcars in your company. Define processes and select suppliers, e.g. pool management software, key handling, driver license check. Implement, including change management.

Telematics and vehicle data:

Define needs for telematics data, e.g. mileage, load status of EV, logbook data, maintenance data. Get overview over technical solutions and suppliers. Implement, incl. process changes. 


Define EV strategy, based on goals, mobility requirements and infrastructure. Define vehicle types and infrastructure. Specific focus on inhouse photovoltaic energy generation and taxation effects. Implement, including HR-aspects.

New mobility alternatives

Analyze mobility-preferences of employees, regarding: sharing, public transport, car subscriptions etc. Define mobility policy/buget. Supplier overview and selection . Implement, with specific focus on HR and payment processes. 

Support in execution: 

In practice, execution ("DOING") is the crucial part of succesfull projects. Therefore support in execution of your fleet management projects is integral part of our consulting services.

We support with project management (project planning, project lead, project reporting - applying traditional and agile methods) and with change management (stakeholder analysis, change strategy, communication and training).

Sometimes, things just need to get done. If you lack the resources, we provide them via our Interim Management Services. More info here.

Pricing for individual consulting:

Individual fleet management consulting projects we can either offer you for a fixed price, based on your the information we receive from you and a detailed description of deliverables.


Alternatively we offer an agile approach where a project goal and initial cost estimation is made, but invoicing is made based on effort to reach incremental goals. 



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