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January, 20.-21. 2021: "Global Fleet Summit APAC" virtual conference - Link here

The Summit will focus on global or regional fleet management strategies for the Asia Pacific region. It is a virtual conference, participation is free.

Topics are for example "“APAC fleet strategy”, "APAC fleet and mobility suppliers" or "the use of connectivity to manage the fleet".

Watch out specifically for Yves Helven from Connector, who will be a speaker.

February, 25. 2021: "Remarketing Expert Track" virtual conference - Link here

One-day conference on topics of vehicle remarketing. Participation is free.

Especially interesting for us because of the possibility to demonstrate and discuss the ClearQuote solution for automated vehicle assessments to the participants.

June, 9.-10. 2021: "Flotte! Der Branchentreff" in Düsseldorf - Link here

​"Flotte!" is the first major fleet event of the year in Germany . Manufacturers, importers, leasing companies and service providers around the commercial vehicle fleet meet with fleet decision-makers with fleets of various sizes.

In addition to the well-known "long-running favorites", in 2020 "Flotte!" will focus on all new forms of mobility, because the information requirements are still particularly high here: electromobility, e-bikes, cargo bikes and other forms of micromobility.

September, 7.-12. 2021: "IAA Mobility" in Munich - Link here

The international German motorshow for the first time in Munich. Organisers say that they also want to re-invent the concept for the show: Much stronger focus on mobility, new drivetrains and new service offerings.

Of course also from a fleet management and mobility perspective, the IAA is a MUST.

September, 22.-23. 2021: "bfp Forum" in Frankfurt - Link here

The organisers write that they are currently re-working the program, so currently no program yet. Basic elements however will be information from fleet management suppliers, moderated discussions, training academy, startup area and networking event.

Interesting is the co-operation with the Hypermotion exhibition: An event for  suppliers and customers from the logistics and mobility industry. So also topics like traffic, public transport, new mobility providers, CMaaS or air taxis can be discussed.

November, 9.-10. 2021: "Move 2021" in London - Link here

MOVE is a focussed on transport innovation, comprehensive and cross-modal. They want to be dedicated to startups - will host approx 500 of the world’s most exciting start-ups. Good mix of corporates plus mobility startups. Speakers from Shell, BP,  Daimler, Volkswagen,... MOVE has grown to over 10,000 attendees

For me personally one of the most interesting and efficient events of 2019 and most promising for 2021.

Meet you at the main events for fleet and mobility!