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FLEET MARKET - Germany and international

Market volume, biggest fleets, market entry, sales 

Consulting regarding the fleet market (corporate fleets and fleet management)


The "fleet market"

Customers in the fleet market are

  • Companies  with corpoate fleets and need for mobility

  • Fleet management and mobility providers to those companies 

These customers demand

  • Services, e.g.  vehicles, fuel or tyres

  • Services, e.g. financing, repair and maintenance, outsourced fleet management

  • Technology, e.g. fleet management software, telematics, key handling

Challenges of suppliers in the fleet market:

Market volume

  • What is the number of company cars in a country?

  • How many company fleets exist?

Biggest fleets, fleet size and fleet purpose

  • What clusters of fleets are in the market?

  • What is the typical size of the fleets?

  • What is the typical purpose (e.g. delivery, service, transportation, benefit cars)?

Customers' fleet strategy and market trends

  • What is the financing strategy (leasing or purchasing)?

  • What is the drivetrain strategy (diesel, petrol or electric)?

  • What is the fleet management strategy (inhouse or outsourced)? 

Competitors and suppliers

  • Who are other suppliers in the fleet market?

  • What products and services do they offer? 

  • What is their pricing?

National specifics 

  • What are differences regarding laws, e.g. taxation or insurance?

  • What cultural differences exist?

Market entry

  • Strategy: How to adapt the product? What pricing strategy?

  • Are there potential suppliers for a partnership, to offer complementary services to customers?

  • Identify concrete prospects and contact them

Investors in the fleet market

Investors in the fleet market are investing in targets that provide fleet products or services to companies with vehicle fleets or need for mobility services. 


They have similar questions as above: Market volume, fleet size, fleet management strategy of the fleet customers, existing supppliers and competitors, evaluation of business plans. 

Our services: Market overview, supplier selection, market entry, sales support

Standardized products: 

We have 2 standardized consulting products - at a fixed cost offer - for quick and easy results: 

  • Market overview of the fleet market in a specific country: Market volume, customer groups, customer strategy, competitors. 

  • Fleet customers database: We have a large database of companies with vehicle fleets in Germany and more European countries.

Individual consulting 


In addition, we offer individual consulting - for a project specific pricing. We act as an independent consultant, so that you get a clear picture of the pros and cons of the different suppliers, and tailormade solutions that fit your specific needs

  • Benchmarking: How good is your product or service, compared to competitors or with regards to customer-requirements?

  • Partners: Find companies with complementary services and create value by bundeling your strengths.

  • Market entry: How to adapt your product or service in order to enter the German market or any other international market? 

  • Sales: How to approach customers?  What trade fairs to visit? How to do PR and marketing?

  • Investors: How to find investors that can fund your further growth? How to prepare for a due diligence?

Interim management and support 

We can represent you in Germany or other markets. For example we can do:

  • Representation trade fairs or join you in meetings with customers

  • Sales: Actively approach prospects and present your offering to them

  • Customer support: Take care of managing your existing customers with native experts

CONTACT US directly to discuss your specific needs and receive a concrete service offer.

International fleet markets

Hennecke Fleet Consulting is located in Germany.  Therefore we can perfectly support you with regards to the German speaking countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Beyond that, we have also worked in many more countries worldwide, and can rely on local experts via the Connector network.

Specifically we can support you in the following markets worldwide.


Fleet market Europe

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • Belgium

  • Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • UK

  • Czech Republic

  • Poland

  • Hungary

  • Romania

  • Greece

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Russia

Fleet market Asia Pacific (APAC)

  • India

  • Japan

  • China

  • Vietnam

  • Thailand

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

Fleet market Middle East/ Africa

  • Turkey

  • Israel

  • Egypt

  • Morocco

  • UAC

  • South Africa

  • Kenia

Fleet market Americas

  • Brasil

  • Argentinia

  • Mexico

  • Columbia

  • USA

  • Canada

Need info about the fleet market in Germany or international?