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Used car management and remarketing are all management activities in a used car's life. 

From a fleet perspective (commercial fleets, leasing/car rental, mobility providers) used car management and remarketing is required at the end of the life-cycle of the car.

From an automotive retail perspective used car management and remarking is a key activity of car dealers, car manufacturers or importers, who receive the used cars, in order to prepare the car for selling to a new user.

Suppliers for used car management or remarketing services are car auction or car retail platforms, suppliers for car transportation, valuation, registration or repair services.

Activities in the used car management / remarketing process and available IT solutions


Activities in the used car management / remarketing process comprise:

Activities on the seller's side

  • Selling decision 

  • Status assessment/ valuation

  • Repair and refurbishment of the car

  • Selection of the selling channel (direct, auction, trading platform)

  • Pricing decision and Selling

  • De-registration of the car

Activities in automotive retail

  • Status assessment/ valuation

  • Selection of buying channel

  • Pricing decision and buying

  • De-registration of the car

  • Transport from seller to dealer

  • Intake inspection

  • Repair, refurbishment

  • Stock management and showroom presentation

  • Marketing and sales

  • Pricing strategy

  • Selling

Activities on the new owner's side:

  • Valuation of the car

  • Pricing decision and buying

  • Registration of the car

  • Transportation to buyer

  • Status assessment of the car

Service suppliers and IT tools for used car management / remarketing:

General vehicle management IT tools:

  • Fleet management tools

  • Used car management tools 

Suppliers and IT tools for specific activities

  • Repair and refurbishment IT platforms and suppliers​

  • Selling/ auction platforms

  • Registration and logistics IT platforms and suppliers

  • Repair/ refurbishment IT platforms and suppliers

  • Selling picture IT tools

  • Dynamic pricing IT tools

Vehicle inspection tools and services
(required in multiple phases of the process)

  • Vehicle inspection service providers

  • IT for automatic damage detection

Our services: Process management and independent supplier comparison 

Process management consulting: 

We support fleet owners and used car dealers / automotive retail in optimizing their used car and remarketing process:  How to measure, improve and automate?

  • Process optimisation: Process analysis and benchmarking, establishing performance measurement systems.

  • Strategic setup: Outsourcing of activities? Overall IT system. Bundling of suppliers?

Supplier overview and selection 

We help to identify best service suppliers and IT solutions to fit into your used car management processes.

  • Supplier market overview: Standardized overview over suppliers and IT solution available in your market

  • Supplier selection: Identification of fleet suppliers, tender management (RFP/RFQ), supplier negotiation, business plan.

  • Supplier management: Definition of SLA/KPI, setup of reporting systems and corrective action plans. 

Automatic vehicle inspections​

Vehicle inspections are relevant in multiple steps of the used car management process: For determining necessary repair and refurbishment activities, to define a selling and buying price, to confirm the status of the car after intake or after delivery.


Besides using traditional service suppliers for doing those vehicle assessments (TÜV, DEKRA, independent vehicle assessors) there is the alterantative to use modern IT tools for automatic vehicle inspections. Regarding those, we recommend ClearQuote, the market leading supplier for automatic damage detection on cars, using of AI-based image  analysis. 

Interim management 

Beyond consulting, we simply do the work for you: Doing tenders, managing suppliers, managing change management and training activities, etc.

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