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Hennecke Fleet Consulting


Hennecke Fleet Consulting is a network of consultants, founded in 2019.


We are senior professionals from the vehicle fleet management and automotive industry. We have a background in various management roles and broad functional experience.

  Fleet management

  • Operations 

  • Account management

  • Consulting

  • Fleet management software

  • International expansion

  • Financial planning

  • Corporate mobility​


  • Vehicle inspection

  • Damage assessment

  • Truck load safety

  • Handling of dangerous goods

  • Driver training/ license

  • Electric vehicle technology

  • Vehicle data/ telematics

  • Used car management

    Functional experience:

  • Finance

  • Controlling & risk management

  • IT hardware

  • IT software 

  • Project management

  • Change management

  • General management

Learn more about our team and our values on this site below.


We can support you in Germany and in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas​. More info about our international coverage is here.

Hennecke Fleet Consulting: Team

Marcus Hennecke

Marcus Hennecke

  • 1972, German, living near Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany)

  • Plus 15 years experience in fleet management and automotive retail industry

  • Companies before: TÜV SÜD Auto Service (vehicle inspections and serviecs), Fleet Logistics, Fleet Company (outsourced fleet management), AVRIOS (fleet management software), CARUSO (telematics vehicle data)

  • Independent consultant and interim manager since 2019

  • Competencies: Fleet management (various roles). Account management, sales, strategy, international expansion, financial planning, project management.

  • International: Germany, DACH, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Northern Africa, Brazil, Asia

  • See profile on LinkedIn

Dieter Roth

Deiter Roth.jpeg


  • 1955, German, living near Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany)

  • 40 years experience in vehicle testing, vehicle related health & safety, damage assessments

  • Companies: TÜV SÜD Auto Service (vehicle inspections and services: responsible workshop and fleet, branch manager, senior project manager bus & truck)

  • CEO of PA flex Project Assistance 

  • Competencies: Technical assessments, process optimisation, training. 

  • Special focus: Trucks and special vehicles, dangerous goods

  • International: Germany, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, South Africa, Spain

  • See profile on LinkedIn

Nils Ohldag



  • 1969, German, living near Hamburg (Germany)

  • 30 years experience in fleet management, rental and mobility

  • Companies: Enterprise Rent-a-car, CPM (fleet management outsourcing), Bauer Media Group (head of fleet management)

  • Independent consulant since 2021

  • Competencies: Operational fleet management, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure 

  • See profile on LinkedIn

Uli Reinhold

Uli Reinhold


  • 1969, German, living near Munich (Germany)

  • Plus 25 years experience in IT and change management in automotive and other industries

  • Companies: TÜV SÜD Business Services, GPC GmbH, Novem Car Interior Design.

  • Independent consultant since 2018

  • Competencies: Software and Hardware, IT-Strategy, IT-Operations, IT-Management, Realignment/Restructuring, Project Management

  • International: Germany, Europe, Turkey, USA, Honduras, China

  • See profile on LinkedIn

Christian Lind

Christian Lind


  • 1972, German, living near Munich (Germany)

  • Plus 15 years experience in leasing and logistics industry

  • Competencies: Finance, Controlling, Risk Management

  • Companies: ARVAL BNP Paribas, Deutsche Post DHL, Neckermann Quelle, Zalando

  • Currently Co-Founder of trustful sharing platform (Palitree)

  • See profile on LinkedIn

fleetcompetence Group

Partner fleetcompetence Group.JPG

In order to enlarge our functional and international expertise even further, Hennecke Fleet Consulting is partner of fleetcompetence Group.

fleetcompetence Group is an international network of fleet management consultants, focussing on large international fleets.

Marcus Hennecke represents fleetcompetence Group in Germany as well as in the following further countries: Greece, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Middle East, South Africa, North Africa, Brazil.

See more here:


Hennecke Fleet Consulting: Values

We all share the same values about our ways of working

  • Long term relationship: We want a long-term relationship with you and all other players in the market. This guides us regarding confidentiality, quality and pricing.

  • Agile: We prefer to work agile: Set long term goals, but approach them in small concrete steps with tangible results - and be ready to adapt goals and priorities if necessary.

  • Corporate and Startup: We worked in corporates AND startups. We want to utilize the knowledge of both cultures in favour of our projects.

  • Customer satisfaction: We want satisfied customers. If you are happy with us, please tell us and give reference. If you are not, please tell us so we can improve!

  • Independent: We are independent from all players in the market. In case we receive a commission for facilitating a contract, we will make this clear to you in advance.

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