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What is Fleet Management?


Definition: Fleet management are all strategic and operational activities of a company or other entity to manage vehicles and drivers plus the required infrastructure in order to optimize fleet costs and reach other goals of fleet management. 

Below read more about fleet management: How to we define fleet management by differentiating per types of fleets, the different areas of fleet management and the level or focus of fleet management activities. Find links to info about specific challenges in fleet management.

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Types of vehicle fleets

Fleet management must first of all be differenciated by types of fleets.  This can by done regarding vehicle type, purpose of the fleet as well as the size and geographical scope of the fleet:​​

    Vehicle types:

  • Passenger cars

  • Transporters/ LCV

  • Trucks & trailers

  • Motorbikes

  • Bikes

    Fleet purpose:

  • Benefit car fleet

  • Sales fleet

  • Service fleet

  • Delivery fleet

    Geographic scope:

  • Local fleet

  • Regional/ national fleet

  • International fleet

    Fleet size:

  • Small fleet (<100)

  • Mid size fleet (100-1.000)

  • Large fleet (>1.000)


  • Purchased

  • Leasing

  • Short term rental

Activities in fleet management

Fleet management comprises the following areas of activity:

Areas of fleet management
  • Fleet structure: Decisions about the required vehicle types, financing strategy, supplier strategy, ...

  • In-Fleeting: Activies related to ordering and delivery of new vehicles

  • In-Life Administration: Service and maintenance, damage handling, fuel card management,..

  • Daily handling: Route planning, vehicle key handling, handover between drivers,...

  • Drivers: Driver helpdesk, driver license checks, driver training,..

  • De-Fleeting: Decision about the timing, vehicle assessment, remarketing,..

  • Organisation of fleet management: Car policy, process descriptions, fleet management software  

  • New mobility: Specific focus on how to integrate alterantives like car sharing, ride hailing, public transport

Activities in fleet management

Levels of fleet management

Challenges of fleet management can finally be classified by the level and focus of activities regarding all areas from above:

Levels of fleet management
  • Strategic level: Decisions about fleet structure, supplier setup, selection of fleet management software,...

  • Operational level: Activities regarding operational processes like vehicle ordering, supplier management, daily handling, ...

  • Technology level: Specific focus on available hardware and software solutions to support fleet management activities

  • Supplier level: Selection and management of suppliers for fleet management services and technology

  • Costs: Specific focus on how to achieve cost savings by means of fleet strategy, operations or technology

  • Other goals: Specific focus on how to reach goals like driver satisfaction or health, safety and environment 

Specific challenges in fleet management

Find more detailed info about specific challenges in fleet management on the subpages of this website:​​

    Fleet management:

  • Fleet TCO and cost savings

  • Fleet management strategy

  • Fleet process optimization

  • Health, safety & environment

  • Car Policy 

  • Driver satisfaction

  • Used car remarketing 

  • Pool car management

  • New mobility

    Fleet suppliers & technology:

  • Fleet management software

  • Vehicle inspection tools

  • Key handling

  • Electric vehicles 

  • THG quotas

    Papers and articles:

  • Future of fleet management

  • Fleet management and Covid-19

  • Electric vehicles in company fleets

Specific challeges in fleetmangement

OUR SERVICES in Fleet Management


Hennecke Fleet Consulting supports you with consulting services regading all types of vehicle fleets, all areas of fleet management activities and all levels of fleet management.


We also support you in the execution of projects with change, project and interim management.

For more info on our services see on this website:

Alternatively you can CONTACT US directly.

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