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Fleet management

Fleet management are all activities of a company to manage their vehicles (passenger cars, vans, trucks, trailers, bikes), drivers and costs related to it. 

Fleet management needs to be done for corporate fleets for their sales, service delivery or transportation activities or for the benefit vehicles of employees. Fleet management is also necessary for the fleets of mobility providers like car sharing or car rental companies.

Activities of fleet management are:​

  • Vehicle selection, vehicle ordering and delivery,

  • In-life-services like repair and maintenance, accident management, fuel and tire management, insurance management 

  • Supplier quality management

  • Vehicle disposal and remarketing

  • Driver communication

  • Health, safety, compliance management

  • Invoice handling, payments and cost control

  • Fleet reporting

Our services: Consulting and interim management 

Standardized consulting products: 

We have 5 standardized consulting products - at a fixed cost offer - for quick and easy results: 

  • TCO Fleet Scan: Data based check of cost savings potentials (TCO - total cost of ownership) in your vehicle fleet 

  • Policy Review: 15-point check of your car policy

  • Supplier market scan: Overview what solutions for a specific fleet management functionality are available on the market

  • Contract Check: Standardized review of your leasing and other contracts

  • Benchmarking: How do you perform - regarding costs and process efficiency, compared to market best-practice?

Individual consulting: 


In addition, we offer individual consulting - for a project specific pricing - to provide tailormade solutions to your specific needs.

Click on the specific areas of competence below to dive deeper:

  • Cost Savings: How to measure total cost of ownership (TCO) and achieve cost savings?

  • Risk and compliance: How to deal with risks regarding health, safety and environment (HSE)  and ensure compliance

  • Driver satisfaction: How to measure customer satisfaction in fleet = driver satisfaction. And improve it.

  • Strategy: Long term decisions: Unbundling of suppliers? Single-multiple supply? Lease vs. buy? Vehicle selection? Outsourcing vs inhouse? 

  • Process optimization: Ordering, maintenance, disposal, driver support, cost control... How to measure, improve and automate? 

  • Suppliers: Supplier identification, tender management, RFP/RFQ. Supplier quality management. 

  • New mobility alternatives: Car sharing, scooters and bikes, public transport -  Supplier comparison and selection. Integration in one single platform

Interim management: 

In practice, DOING is often much more difficult than consulting. We therefore also support you with interim management capacity in your your fleet projects. Here our experts can help you with:

  • Project management: We provide a project manager - for example during the implementation of a new software solution.

  • Change management: Success of each project requires that  stakeholders change behaviour. We help you with that.

  • Interim Management: Sometimes things just needs to get done. If you lack the resources, we provide them.

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