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Services regarding fleet suppliers and fleet technology


Modern fleet management makes use of various suppliers for software, IT, technology, services or products.  

Examples of suppliers and technology are:

  • Fleet management software

  • Outsourced fleet management services 

  • Leasing and car rental

  • Mobility providers (MaaS): Sharing, riding, subscription

  • Other classical suppliers, e.g. insurance, fuel, tires, glass, repair 

  • Vehicle configuration, ordering and auctioning services

  • Vehicle selling and remarketing services

  • Telematics 
  • Driver logbook
  • Key handling

  • Driver license checks 

  • Driver training solutions 

  • Vehicle inspection and valuation 

Our services: Independent supplier comparison and consulting

Standardized products: 


We have 2 standardized products - at a fixed cost offer - for quick and easy results regarding your search for fleet suppliers and fleet technology: 

  • Supplier market overview: What suppliers are available in your market? Overview and independent comparison.

  • New mobility: What suppliers are available specifically for new mobility alternatives beyond fleet: ride hailing, car sharing, public transport,...

Individual consulting and comparison of suppliers 


In addition, we offer individual services - for a project specific pricing - to provide an independent market overview and comparison of fleet suppliers and technology that fit your specific needs.

  • Strategic supplier setup: Which activities do you want to outsource or do internally? How can you combine certain suppliers for complementary services? How to integrate multiple suppliers into one system? How does the technology of them fit into your setup?

  • Supplier selection: Identification of fleet suppliers, tender management (RFP/RFQ), supplier negotiation, business plan.

  • Supplier management: Definition of SLA/KPI, setup of reporting systems and corrective action plans. 

Interim management 

Beyond consulting, we simply do the work for you: Doing tenders, managing suppliers, etc.

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