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Hennecke Fleet Consulting


Published Articles by Marcus Hennecke (to be found also on LinkedIn and XING)

10/2020: Future of fleet management - interview with OviDrive:

How rising trends and technology are impacting fleet management - what are the challenges of fleet management in the next 10 years. Regarding automation and digitisation, inhouse vs outsourcing, electric vehicles, connectivity, GDPR and the role of fleet managers. 

05/2020: Corporate mobility in Covid19-times:

Empirical findings about changes of urban mobility during Covid19 (from BCG consulting company). Plus conclusions for companies with vehicles and mobility needs. 

01/2020: Electric Vehicles in Company Fleets:

Facts and Figures from 2 empirical studies (CMA Germany, Avrios Switzerland). Plus conclusions for you as a vehicle fleet  operator. 

Interviews in the media:

10/2023: "Bereit für den Flottenmarkt? Chinese EV in German fleets" - Annemarie Schneider in German magazine "Autoflotte"

11/2022: "In 7 Schritten zur Elektroauto-Flotte" - Jennifer Garic in German magazine "Impulse" 

10/2021: "Flottenchefs in Versuchung" - Steffen Ermisch in German newspaper "Handelsblatt" (for Pdf copy contact me)

08/2020: "CMaaS - Geschäftsreise leicht gemacht" - Susanne Löw in German magazine "Firmenauto"

08/2020:  "CMaaS - Ein Einzelfall als Schablone" - Rocco Swantusch in German magazine "Autoflotte"

06/2020: "CMaaS will betriebliche Mobilität vereinfachen" - Clemens Noll-Velten in German magazine "BfP Fuhrpark & Management

06/2020: "CMaaS - Flexibles Mobilitätsbudget" - Stefan Schmudermaier in Austrian magazine "Flotte"


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