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Services regarding new corporate mobility solutions


New corporate mobility

Companies increasingly consider new mobility services for their employees. Such mobility services are:

  • Car sharing

  • Ride hailing

  • New taxi services like Uber

  • On demand public transport

  • Bicycles and scooters

  • Busses, trams, trains and planes

New corporate mobility solutions do not mean that the traditional corporate fleet is dead. New mobility services come in addition to dedicated company vehicles and pool cars. The callenge for companies is to define the best company specific mobility-mix or mobility setup.

Besides the question who are the best suppliers for each service-type anc city, there is the question how to integrate all individual suppliers into one independent platform for corporate mobility.

Similar to companies, also cities realize that new mobility services may be good complementary services for their citizens. They also want to add new solutions like bikes, scooters or on-demand-public transport to their traditional services of busses and trams. And they need to manage those different suppliers in one system and create a cost efficient and eco-friendly mobility-mix.

Our services: Independent supplier comparison and consulting 

Standardized products: 


We have standardized products for companies and cities - at a fixed cost offer - for quick and easy results: 

  • Market overview: Overview and independent comparison of suppliers for new mobility services: Overview for each new mobility service. Plus also an overview of suppliers that offer solutions to integrate multiple different suppliers into one single platform. 

Individual consulting 


In addition, we offer individual consulting and market research - for a project specific pricing - to provide tailormade solutions to your specific needs.  We offer this as an independent consultant, who can clearly show you pros and cons of all suppliers.

  • Corporate mobility strategy: What is the best mobility mix for your company? With regards to HR goals, environmental goals and costs, potentially also specific per each city or country. 

  • Suppliers: Identification and selection of suppliers for mobility services., tender management (RFP/RFQ), negotiation, financial business planning. 

  • IT system and reporting: How to integrate the new services into your operational processes and systems for cost ond CO2 reporting?. 

Interim management 

We also support you with the "Doing", with our interim management services. For example we support you in the tender management process or with the change management/ stakeholder management when changing from a "car-policy" to "mobility-policy".

CONTACT US directly to discuss your specific needs and receive a concrete service offer.


Hennecke & Partners is part of the global CONNECTOR​ network.

As such, we offer CMaaS.

CMaaS is an innovative product to handle corporate mobility in a fully digital way:


Add any kind of mobility supplier to your corporate mobilit0 setupy, but still automate and integrate internally in one system.

See more about it: CMaaS


Set up your new mix of corporate new mobility services! 

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